Apple Music Will Stream DJ Mixes and Bootlegs

apple music

Well this is certainly surprising. The company that essentially gave us DRM-protected music is making one of the biggest power moves in music streaming. Apple has partnered with Dubset Media Holdings to allow streaming of remixes, mash-ups and DJ mixes that were previous unavailable due to copyright. For many music snobs, this writer included, the only streaming network for those who like mixes and special bootlegs was SoundCloud.

Dubset uses a special technology called Mixbank to make this work within legal limits. MixBank can analyze a remix or DJ mix and identify the original recordings within the file, and pay the rights holders and publishers. It also gives the rights holders the ability to blacklist songs or set limits on how much of a song can be used in a mix. Does this change your music streaming preferences? Your move, Spotify.

Source: The Verge