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Trolltron (Escher Beat) – Bruck’s Big Adventure

While we’ve covered Escher Beat here on EDMTunes before, this side project by him is something special I wanted to make sure y’all didn’t miss. Trolltron is the product of dreams, a genre of music we’re going to have to start calling Future Cute, and the exceptional production skills of Escher Beat. love letter to his girlfriend, this 5 track EP imagines the adventures of their stuffed animal pet Bruck. A genre-defying collection of tunes awaits those eager to hear some innovative & forward looking fire this February.

Bruck’s Big Adventure is a polished, wandering track that feels right out of a Porter Robinson live set. The blend of chip, future bass and a dash of chibi style really comes together to become a playful, engaging listen.

Forest Elves pulls in a number of nature samples that I believe Escher Beat collected first hand on some time spent in the wilderness outside the city. It’s a calmly melodic tune that inspires comparisons to Max Richter & Benn Jordan’s The Flashbulb. Midnight pulls things dark for a moment, but the spectral competence of Escher Beat is on full display. The stuttering bass & drum work makes for an intriguing tune, and hopefully, the ideas within will be explored more deeply in the future. Haunting bird calls, potent murky bass & dark ambiance lead into my favorite track on the EP.

Taro Descends From The Heavens On A Blackbird To Throw A Sick Donk Party wins for the best title I’ve ever seen given to a track. I mean, seriously, look at the album art & enjoy this surprisingly potent amalgam of chibi, what totally sounds like The Beatles & some nature samples. The echoic anthem chords ~40sec in are kind of amazing, and help show just how deep the track actually is. Like much of Escher Beat’s work, while some people may only appreciate the more obvious elements of his track construction, the listeners that take their time with them will find more and more gems as they dig.

Trolltron - Sick Donk Party - EDMTunes

While it’s a free download on Bandcamp, definitely throw him dollars if you’re digging it as much as I am. Respect to Skrillbug for the crazy good song by song drawings.