hard summer

Last year’s edition of HARD Summer seemed poised to eclipse a new benchmark in the annals of Gary Richards’ carefully-curated dance events. The lineup was so impressive, that the 2015 staple sold out 130,000 tickets over two days. Unfortunately, the event was shattered by tragedy on its first day. As EDMTunes reported last August, two young women passed away from, what was assumed at the time, a drug overdose.

Six months later, the coroner has released the toxicology report on the first of the two accidents. The report links the death of 18-year-old Tracy Nguyen a result of ecstasy intoxication. There were no other drugs mentioned. Because of the tragedies that struck HARD Summer, event promoters have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of all future patrons. HARD’s annual Halloween Party ‘Day of The Dead’, saw a decrease in festival occupancy and an increase in age requirement (21+). There were no deaths reported.

H/T: LA Weekly