On Planets Releases Beautiful Original ‘Brief Pause’

On Planets Releases Beautiful Original 'Brief Pause'

On Planets – Brief Pause

To preface, no producer has gone from doing a remix of a Drake cover and an official Pegboard Nerds remix to something like this within a month – this is really quite impressive.  On Planets’ ‘Brief Pause’ is probably one of this week’s must hear tracks, and is a fully original work by the young Vancouver producer. From the singing to the production, it’s all On Planets.

Beautifully skating the line between mellow electronica and forward thinking songwriting, ‘Brief Pause’ is what happens when an artist holds back his skillset, only to release it for the correct release, in the proper moment. The song is an outright admission of vulnerability, shrouded in a densely ethereal soundscape.

The track also features on the page of a brand new boutique label project out of Los Angeles. Entitled Manifold, the record label/ management company champions itself as a ‘toolbox for artists’. A solid first release, indeed. Check out both On Planets and Manifold via the SC link below.