Electric Daisy Carnival Has Boosted Las Vegas’ Economy By Over $1.3 Billion

2016 will be Electric Daisy Carnival’s 6th year in Las Vegas. As production company Insomniac celebrates its 20th anniversary, we expect the bread-winning event to be showcased in a big way. The festival has not only produced one of America’s top music events for 5 consecutive years, but has also been an integral part of the Las Vegas economy – generating over $1.3 billion. A study by Beacon Economics figured EDC Las Vegas 2015 boosted the local economy by more than $350,000,000.

Other noteworthy numbers unveiled tallied the total Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas attendance at 1,700,000 – more than double the population of Las Vegas. If the same group of 1.7 million were to get together to form an Electric Daisy Country, they would be the 152nd largest nation on the planet. More than 500 artists have played at EDC Las Vegas and we’re sure a few have taken a ride on more than one of the 139 carnival rides.

Electric Daisy Carnival festival-goers have spent a total of $638,000,000 outside of festival spending, which is roughly $375 per person. Insomniac, the production company behind EDC Las Vegas, has spent $280,000,000 on its 5 festivals – more than enough money to build Disneyland (twice). Don’t put yourself at risk of experiencing FOMO EDC LV 2016. Buy tickets now.

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Source: Mixmag