Insomniac Ups The Ante For Beyond Wonderland VIP Experience

If you thought the VIP experience at Insomniac events had enough to offer already, guess again. For the return of Beyond Wonderland in San Bernardino, California, Insomniac has reinvented the list of amenities offered to attendees with a VIP pass. The festival will return to the beautiful San Manuel Amphitheater & Grounds on Friday, March 18 and Saturday, March 19.

For the full lowdown of the new VIP experiences that will be offered at this year’s edition of Beyond Wonderland, check out the list below. General admission and VIP tickets are still available, as well as camping passes and single day passes. You can purchase them here and start your journey into the rabbit hole with the Insomniac family.

  1. The first 200 guests to enter the VIP area will receive a special custom gift.
  2. In addition to the Queen’s Domain, VIP viewing decks will also be available at the Mad Hatter’s Castle and Cheshire Woods stages.
  3. Paloma’s Paletas will be handing out complimentary, hand-made ice pops once a day.
  4. VIP water refill stations are available, so forget about waiting in line for water.
  5. From 4 pm – 10 pm each day,  the famous Grilled Cheese Truck will serve complimentary grilled cheeses for the first time ever.
  6. Skip the lines at merchandise booths with the Express VIP Lane, which also has customized VIP water bottles, hoodies, shirts, and more.
  7. Treat yourself to Insomniac’s newest creation—a Beyond Wonderland-inspired cocktail, served only at the VIP full cash bar.
  8. The VIP areas will now include complementary Wi-Fi and phone charging stations.
  9. Hot tea, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider are all available to combat that late night frost.
  10. Have dinner and a show at the Tea Party dining table.
  11. Indulge in sensational Tea Party pastries.
  12. Challenge your friends to life-sized games of Chess, Jenga, and Connect Four.
  13. Customize and make your very own totem at the VIP craft station.
  14. Special prizes will be rewarded to headliners with the most imaginative, jaw-dropping costumes.
  15. Create one-of-a-kind kandi bracelets at the VIP craft station to round out the festival experience. Trade some kandi with new and old friends!