Dillon Francis & Kygo – Coming Over (Official Video)

coming over

Dillon Francis & Kygo – Coming Over
(Official Video)

It has been over a year since Kygo and Dillon Francis collaborated on “Coming Over”, with vocals by James Hersey. Earlier this month, we were blessed with some killer remixes of the track and now, the guys have finally released a music video for their smash hit.

The video starts out with the breakup of a young couple and has the same vibe as many other Kygo videos we’ve seen recently. However, as this guy faces the singles dating scene, the video takes a slightly comedic turn. He encounters one horrible date after another, from being walked in on and beaten up by the girl’s boyfriend to some strange BDSM moves in the bedroom. The video then ends on a somber note, as he sees his ex out for drinks, looking extremely happy with another man who just happens to be Dillon Francis.

Check out the entire video below and have a little dance session to this magnificent tune.

Dillon Francis & Kygo – Coming Over (Official Video) | iTunes