Stratus Impresses on New Album The Diver

Stratus - The Diver

Stratus – The Diver

Emancipator’s forward-thinking imprint, Loci Records, has built a steady reputation since its conception for both seamlessly bridging the gap between melodic downtempo, instrumental hip-hop, and electronica and breaking electronic molds by showcasing an array of fresh, emerging talents. Honing in on that ideal, the newest album release from Loci, The Diver, comes from a relatively unknown talent by the name of Stratus. California-based Stratus first cultivated his interest in music through playing in indie bands and exploring loop-based electronic music, both of which translate into his current sound, inspired by instrumental hip-hop, jazz, downtempo, film soundtracks, world music and orchestral arrangements. His bottomless thirst for pushing his sound further and trying new combinations of instruments and genres has led him to the creation of his latest project, the dreamy 12-track release, The Diver.

To put it simply, Stratus’ The Diver is more than just an album release, it’s a sonic escape that has the propensity to inspire and move listeners with its beautiful intricacies. The album as a whole showcases a delicate, harmonious balance between whimsical, organic instrumentation and abstract electronic production that work smoothly to create a profoundly thoughtful, melodic, downtempo vibe. Each of The Diver‘s tracks offer a new listening experience filled with delicate strings, keys, expansive vocal samples, and reflective electronic undercurrent boasting minimal, laid back structures. Stratus accomplished wonders through this hefty release, as he managed to not only maintain stability between the soft yet powerful instruments and ethereal core electronic elements within each track, but retain consistency throughout the entire, highly diversified release. Stratus explained,

“In this album I wanted to try achieving that cut-and-paste style but with a background of live instruments, such as guitars and strings. I also wanted to achieve the feeling of being immersed in places of natural beauty.”

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