Couples That Listen To Music Together Have More Sex

Looking to experiment with your significant other? Well, there is a study being done by an independent researcher sponsored by Sonos by Apple Music that might be for you. They are investigating the use of loud music in homes and how it impacts the mood and sexual drive. Researchers have observed that playing loud music in the home will bring families together, put everyone in a happy mood and even induce sexual tensions through couples.

They have surveyed 30 families in over eight countries around the world to see how they react to a week without music and compare it to a week with music. Results from the study show that families who played music out loud were less irritated and malicious and spend a lot more time together compared to families who don’t. Additionally, couples who listen to music together have sex twice as often than when they do not. It is also with noting that this sex is longer lasting, creating a bond of love and trust between the couple.

With all this in mind, we suggest that you guys start cranking your tunes and hope that you get lucky!