Haywyre – Impulse

Haywyre is constantly pushing the definition of what it means to be a dance music producer. Ever changing up his sound, every release brings something completely new to the table. And nothing is more fresh and off the press than his latest release titled ‘Impulse’. One of a handful of songs off of his latest EP, this track stands out far from the rest for more reasons than we can count.

It is a very downtempo track, with spatterings of glitches and blips that work together for ambience. This ambience is a jarring contrast between the tune’s aggressive bass line that acts as the main hook for the track. It is like the gnarliest drum and bass track you will hear this month, but slowed down to sub-moombahton tempos. The interesting arrangement also leaves room for plenty of surprises as the main groove comes in and out in a matrix of low end power that will make those subs shake.

Haywyre – Impulse | iTunes