Snapchat Stands As Opportune Platform For DJ Career Growth

2016 sure promises to be the year Snapchat takes over. Lots of DJs tell me they don’t like Snapchat & don’t even have an account! That’s ridiculous. You have to keep moving with the times ladies & gentlemen, or else you get left behind and become that bitter DJ complaining about how he/she never gets booked.

Everyone from Bloomberg to Adweek has been tracking their growth, and the numbers are staggering. Second only to Instagram, Snapchat’s recorded growth has led to a larger user base than Facebook and Twitter combined.


Are you paying attention yet? CNN is, Taco Bell is (they kill it on snap btw), Fortune 500 companies, NBA teams, every big name brand is jumping on Snapchat. Have you? DJs need to look at themselves as a brand, build that brand like you’re “pepsi” or “dove” soap. Consider how much DJ Khaled has been blowing up since he came on Snapchat. He showed people a whole other side of his personality & his popularity went through the roof! He went from that dude yelling on tracks to my mom asking me about him, Snapchat made him a household name, an inspirational beacon of hope! If you haven’t followed him on the pathway to more success (notice how I said more, lol) Make sure you follow him @DJKhaled305 (might be your best decision of 2016?!). Hope not! But don’t play yourself.

Artists who are capitalizing on the platform within the dance scene include the likes of Dillon Francis, Skrillex (who’s finally acquired his rightful username), and Diplo…who’s been involved since 2012. All of whom have used the app to tease music, shows, and behind the scenes goodies. It’s not too late to get on Snapchat and make the most of it’s growing fan base; if you want to see who else is already on, Be The Rave has a comprehensive list of some of the most popular DJs and producers who are all making big gains on the network.

My personal snaps have jumped up in numbers drastically this past year. Build up your stories organically, people want to see what you do in real life, don’t be annoying with too many promos, have a strategy but don’t come in with that overwhelming hard sell. People like a good balance and by a good balance I mean keep it low on the promo tip. Of course this is not going to help you become a superstar DJ or a household name, but it’s all part of the hustle. Small wins become BIG WINS! Remember that. We just launched our @clubkillers snap and people love to see a glimpse of what goes on inside our Las Vegas headquarters, hopefully you will too. See you on snapchat!


This guest article originally appeared on Club Killers via Alex Dreamz and has been amended to provide additional information.

Chart: Bloomberg
Infographic: AdWeek