Coachella Is The Highest-Grossing Music Festival In The World

It seems like more and more music festivals keep popping up every year. According to Forbes, the top ten highest-grossing festivals in the United States brought in over $195 million in ticket sales alone. That means other factors such as merchandise sales, food and beverage profits and more aren’t even being taken into consideration.

Indio-based music festival Coachella came out on top of the list with an astronomical number of almost $85 million. Coachella made over $60 million more in gross profit than its closest competitor in San Francisco’s Outside Lands, which garnered about $24 million (only a third of Coachella’s profit). Electric Daisy Carnival made the list as well, but not the version we would assume to be in the top 10. EDCNY made it to #4, grossing over $11 million, while the famous EDC Las Vegas did not even make the list!

The top 10 festivals on the list brought in over a million festival-goers alone and plenty more attend the many other festivals scattered all over the world. Check out the complete list below and for more information about Coachella, be sure to head to its website.


Source: Forbes