Flume Is Being Accused Of Stealing An Unreleased Skrillex & What So Not Collaboration

Yesterday, Flume shocked the world by revealing that his album is near completion and uploading a 4-minute preview to hold us over. His fan base was incredibly pleased by the teaser, but some more hardcore fans recognized a familiar track towards the beginning of the preview.

Some fans on Reddit have determined that one of the tracks in the preview is extremely similar to an unreleased Skrillex and What So Not collaboration known as the “Beachlife ID”. As many of you probably know, What So Not used to be made up of Flume and Emoh Instead, but Flume ended up leaving the project behind in order to focus on his solo career. Emoh has since turned What So Not into a solo project. Now, it seems like a snippet from an old song he worked on is being recycled. Check out the “Beachlife ID” in the video below at the 40:50 mark and the mysterious Flume track in the SoundCloud preview at the 1:34 mark.

What So Not collaborator George Maple seems to have a funny feeling about the situation, as the vocalist took to Twitter to call Flume out. She accused him of “stealing” the old What So Not and Skrillex collaboration and pointed out that this is not a laughing matter. She even threw down the hashtag “#getyourownsongs”.



Flume, Skrillex and Emoh Instead have not yet responded, but we’ll let you know when we have more information regarding this developing story.