Flume Previews His Forthcoming Album ‘Skin’

About two years ago, Flume released his debut album, the self-titled Flume. The fifteen track LP established Flume’s artistic innovation and brilliance with standout tracks such as “Warm Thoughts“, “Holdin On“, “Insane” and “Sleepless“. The cutting edge Australian producer has since followed this up with a host of excellent productions such as his brilliant original “Some Minds” and stirring remixes of “Turning“, “Lay Me Down” and “Tennis Court“. The release of “Some Minds” may have given fans a glimpse into Flume’s next artist album, which has also been teased with three unreleased tracks that he dropped in his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix. Flume is now ratcheting up the excitement for his next album even further, as he has released a preview for the album and revealed its title, Skin.

Flume’s preview for Skin sees the brazenly intrepid producer exploring a new range of sounds across a widened musical spectrum. His mix seems to display some of the highs and lows of the album, promising a complete musical journey that refuses to be bound by any generic formula or tempo requirements. While no exact release date was given, Flume accompanied this preview with the incredibly exciting news that the album is almost finished.