Bobby Green – Lights ft. Whitney Phillips


Bobby Green – Lights ft. Whitney Phillips

When your last three tracks all dominate the Hype Machine chart on their way to consecutive #1 releases, there’s no doubt that the expectations for your next release are sky high. Lucky for the Dallas-born producer Bobby Green, the tremendous expectations aren’t a problem, as he’s kicking off the new year with his latest original featuring Whitney Phillips. “Lights” showcases the New York City transplant’s impressive ability to blend electronic and pop to create a catchy product.

In celebration of the release of “Lights”, Bobby said:

“The first words that came out of my mouth when I started writing this song were “putting all your lights on.” And I could never get those words out of my head. What Whitney and I eventually realized was that this was a song about the walls that we put up around ourselves, and the way that we often fear a world that fears us back. “Lights” is about the disconnection we all feel, and about the great things that can happen when we open up and show the world who we are.

Listen to the tune below and be sure to pick up your copy on iTunes.

Bobby Green – Lights ft. Whitney Phillips | iTunes