A 9-Year-Old Canadian Is The World’s Youngest DJ

“I just like to make people dance” is what you hear a lot of from today’s DJs, which is why is shouldn’t come as a surprise that the world’s youngest DJ, Dextrous One, also utters them. Brandon Duke (Dextrous One), a 9-year-old DJ/elementary school student out of Toronto, Ontario, has been trying to emulate and immitate different DJ mannerisms by using household items and turning them into his own DJ setup. Brandon’s DJ instructor, Francis Felice, says Dextrous One is a natural and that he is probably better than a lot of adult DJs he has come in contact with.

Dextrous One wears a shirt that says “@6” during live shows because when he was only 6 years old, he performed at Toronto’s Kool Haus, a feat that has been acknowledged by the Guinness Book of World Records as the ‘World’s Youngest DJ’. That was a memory his father will never forget, as he described his experience watching his son as,

“…incredible just to see a six-year-old child in front of thousands of people that he’s never met before,” said Ryan, adding his son has the ability to “just command the crowd.”

When asked about why he wants to make DJing a career, Brandon said it’s a good way to “make money”, but more importantly, he wants to pass down what he has learned to the next generation of DJs. Yes, he is 9 years old and already thinking about passing his skills down.

We wonder what 3-year-old DJ Arch Junior from South Africa would have to say about this. Check out Dextrous One performing his own rendition of Canada’s National Anthem on turntables below!

Source: CTV