3-Year-Old DJ Announced South Africa’s Got Talent Winner

 photo Arch-Junior.jpg

Welp, there ya have it folks. The hype revolving around thee 3-year-old DJ competing on South Africa’s Got Talent is extremely real. Little tyke, DJ Arch Junior, has not only just won the entire competition, but hearts all over the world. It’s a bit painful to imagine being a contestant running up against a 3-year-old, let alone losing to one. Quite possibly a blow to one’s ego. Let’s face it, though, the kid is undeniably skilled at his craft, and South Africa wasn’t afraid to admit it. As expected, there are some haters ranting, but then again, it’s quite possible these are the same people who wouldn’t know musical talent if it slapped them in the face.  Did his overall cuteness, and the fact he has yet to step foot in a real school, affect the outcome of this competition? Maybe, maybe not.  Does it matter? No, because neither one of these ultimately change the fact this little superstar, winner or not, has just made history with his talent and holds a future that looks quite promising.

It’s safe to say people are lying to themselves if they are not even remotely in awe of a child with such a remarkable talent, especially when majority of kids at this age are freshly learning to walk a straight line, kick a ball, ride a tricycle, color inside the lines… you get the idea. Here this 3 year-old prodigy is making music, real music, in which is certain to only get better as he grows older. You can also expect the “My toddler is just as good at DJ’ing, if not better” claims to spread like wildfire.  Although, for now, the spotlight is completely is on the angelic, baby genius, DJ Arch Junior – country-level talent show winner, and future festival headliner. Congrats, little one. Well-deserved.