Uber Driver Gets The Chainsmokers & Passengers To Sing “Roses” With Him

The Chainsmokers – Roses ft. ROZES (Uber Edition)

As a fellow Uber driver, I long for the day when I get to pick up and drive around my all-time favorite producer (eh em Skrillex). Well, Uber driver Jonathan got to pick up Alex and Drew of The Chainsmokers, who were on their way to one of their shows. Jonathan not only recognized them, but he happened to be a huge fan of the duo. When asked by Drew about his favorite Chainsmokers track, Jonathan was all about “Roses“. Alex and Drew actually got him to play the track on the car stereo, which turned into a full on sing-along the whole way there. They even got him to play “Roses” with a bunch of other riders he picked up that day, who were also jamming to the future pop track. Turns out, the whole thing was a set-up to make a killer music video for “Roses.” The duo really knows how to come up with new and interesting ways to connect with their fans, even dropping in on working ones. Watch the music video to “Roses” Uber Edition right now!