Benga Returns To Music After 2-Year Hiatus

Last year, Croydon’s pioneering dubstep DJ and producer, Adegbenga Adejumo a.k.a. Benga, was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, which forced him to announce a temporary retirement from music. He unveiled very publicly the nature of his decision through a series of tweets, “My bipolar [disorder] was brought on by drugs and the schizophrenia was the result of excessive touring.” He continued, “I don’t want sympathy but [do want] to raise awareness. Because if I had help early the damage could have been controlled!” “If you know someone that suffers from mental health issues you’ll understand how alone you feel until it’s recognised. Many people suffer.”

With a clearer and healthier mindset following his arrest and subsequent hospital sectioning due to the severity of his mental illness, Benga has begun easing himself back into the business of producing and DJing to the delight of his fans, as he recently announced his first performance since his 2 year hiatus at a Fabriclive show on the 12th of Februrary, as part of a Tectonic night alongside Pinch, Mumdance, Sgt Pokes, Ipman and Acre. Fans should also expect to hear new material from the Croydon artist in 2016.

Tickets for Benga’s musical return in London can be purchased here!