Milk N Cooks – The Beach [Free Download]

Milk N Cooks – The Beach

Leonardo DiCaprio is truly a talented actor, but who would have ever thought that he would be in a song? This new song from Milk N Cooks, entitled “The Beach“, is exactly where you can expect to hear just that. Released exclusively on Electrostep Network, the track uses samples from his 2000 movie with the same title, and compliments DiCaprio’s monologue which describes his desire to grab life by the reigns and search for a new, thrilling experience. For those who have not yet watched this film, it stars DiCaprio as a naive young man named Richard who gets whisked away to a beach in Thailand where he soon faces numerous challenges that push him to his limits. Milk N Cooks uses his speech to amplify their song by giving it a strong, wanderlust vibe that empowers the listener to seek adventure and excitement. You can hear the new track below and grab a free download to get pumped up for your next big adventure.

Milk N Cooks – The Beach | Music Video & Download