Martin Garrix Is Forming His Own Record Label

martin garrix

These days, it seems like the only way to get out of having to deal with someone else owning your music is to start your own record label. Thankfully for Martin Garrix, that is exactly what he is about to do.

During an appearance on Dutch TV show DINO, Martin revealed the intention to start up his own label. This was a few months after ending ties with Spinnin’ Records, the guys responsible for the producer’s quick rise to fame, due to “a difference of opinion between [Martin and Spinnin’] regarding the reasonableness of the agreements.” In the clip, when asked about what genre his label will primarily house, Martin replied “I want different genres, not just one.” The Dutch-producer talks about his interest in signing rappers and bands. Looks like it’s going to be a clash of anything goes. Watch the video below!

Martin Garrix is scheduled to play a handful of festivals in South America before traveling to Dubai for an explosive New Year’s Eve set.

Source: Your EDM