Eric Prydz Continues Hot Streak with 3rd Beats One Show

While paying users seem to be abandoning Apple Music in droves, us dance music fans can be thankful for the Beats One lineup which alternates weekly between Eric Prydz and Major Lazer. This past weekend, at the very same time he was gracing the Mainstage at EDC Orlando Eric’s 3rd Beats One mix premiered. As always the mix was packed full of exclusives, unfinished tracks, and IDs. It’s also wonderful getting these tidbits of background info from Eric who’s always eager to tell the story behind his timeless tunes.

He started things off with the final version of the still unnamed Ambassadeur ID, which has been experiencing a resurgence in his live sets lately as well. This week’s mix showcases so much Cirez D filth that Eric himself said you’ll need a shower afterwards. The second hour features a dark and fascinating set recorded live at Verboten in New York during the Generate Tour. So sit back, turn off the lights and enjoy this wonderful 120 minute ride.

[00:40] Eric Prydz – Ambassadeur ID 3 (Working Title)
[04:39] Pryda – WOWOW (Working Title)
[12:26] Pryda – Belgrade Expo ID2 (Working Title)
[18:00] Pryda – Juletider [PRYDA] [23:08] Cirez D – New City Gas NCG ID (Working Title)
[30:00] Cirez D – Metropolitan ID
[36:54] Cirez D – Bootshaus 2012 ID
[44:36] Pryda – Montreux Jazz ID (Working Title)
[51:23] Pryda – Illusions [PRYDA] [57:47] Pryda – Mija (Re-scored) [PRYDA] [63:52] Alan Parsons Project – Old And Wise
Hour Two – Eric Prydz @ At Verboten, New York 2015-02-27
[68:06] Eric Prydz – Liam (Stringapella Intro)
[72:51] Eric Prydz – Liam
[78:48] Pryda – Global Gathering 2007 ID
[85:00] Pryda – ID
[88:00] Pryda – Annexet [PRYDA] [92:46] Cirez D – Tyve (Mainroom Edit) [MOUSEVILLE] [97:13] Eric Prydz – Klepht
[104:30] Eric Prydz – Verboten ID 02
[110:00] Pryda – EPIC Radio 005 ID 01
Vinyl Chapter Tune
[115:00] Felix – Don’t You Want Me [DECONSTRUCTION]