The Techno Viking Has His Own Documentary

Techno Viking
What’s the quickest way to become popular? Probably through Youtube these days if you aren’t a celebrity. Before the rise of the Youtube channel however, memes and your favorite outlandish videos were handled a lot differently. Being one of the first memes ever to circulate the internet, this half dressed, muscular man resembling something out of the 10th century with dance moves that come from the future, the Techno Viking has a story of his own that’s worth listening to.

The creator of the video, director Matthias Fritsche, has put together a documentary after a crowdfund campaign was started, whom was supported by over 300 people in 18 countries to present the origins and motives behind this massively viral masterpiece. The feature length film has a duration of 90 minutes with the interwebs version being shortened to 50 minutes.

“What do you do, when once you danced half naked in front of a camera in the middle of the street and years later the world creates itself a hero out of this video? Is it a blessing or a curse if people start warshiping your image while others sell T-shirts with your face? “The Story of Technoviking” is a case study on a successful Internet meme. It shows the contemporary situation where user’s sharing & remix behavior gets into conflict with more than 100 years old intellectual property and personality laws that define the limits.”

Go ahead and educated yourself on this importance this figure’s impact on internet and meme culture and at the very least, you get to relive those epic dance moves he throws at the camera while walking down the street, followed by his loyal army of backup dancers.