Something Wicked Cancels 2nd Day Amidst Weather Concerns

The year has been a rough one for festival weather, as organizers have been forced to choose between letting the party continue and the safety of the patrons. In September we saw TomorrowWorld attempt to err on the side of fun, and the decision bit them in the rear as fan were upset with mud conditions and the cancelled 3rd day. Now, Something Wicked in Texas is facing a similar issue.

As Hurricane Patricia threatened Mexico, the storm weakened and crossed over land into Texas. There have been numerous stories of flooding in Texas and Something Wicked was forced to cancel its first day due to the difficult weather. Adopting a more cautious stance after TomorrowWorld, the festival has made the difficult choice to cancel its 2nd day as well. Fans are clearly angry, but we’ve seen fans become plenty upset when the festival attempts to soldier on in the face of rough weather as well. For festival organizers, you’re damned if you do and damned it you don’t, unfortunately. Something Wicked will issue refund information tomorrow.

Here’s the festival’s full statement:

Dear fans,

Something Wicked is disappointed to announce DAY 2 of Something Wicked 2015 is now canceled due to severe weather. The decision to cancel Day 2 adheres to numerous weather reports and warnings. Fan and employee safety are paramount.

Thank you for your understanding during these trying times. We will be in touch Monday with more details regarding refunds.

Our goal was to create, together with our fans, the best weekend of the year, and it pains us that we were not able to provide the Something Wicked experience.

Please stay safe this weekend.

-The Something Wicked team