Skrillex & Roboto Team Up For Stunning Film Clip, ‘Josho’

Skrillex‘s monstrous and emotion-filled track, “Ease My Mind” was released over a year ago through his debut studio LP, Recess, but it wasn’t until recently that the worldwide hit received a equally huge and well deserved visual treatment from the mysterious, California-based artist David Navarro a.k.a. Roboto. Roboto has worked with Skrillex first-hand for several years by contributing his advanced design visuals to his live DJ performances, and has now created a beautiful, anime inspired, short film clip for “Ease My Mind” entitled “Josho”, which was released via Collide Film Studios.

This incredibly thoughtful and visually stunning music video acts as both a supplement to “Ease My Mind”‘s emotional power and a dedication to all the artists that inspired Roboto’s “Josho” project. He wrote: “To all those Evangelions, Akiras, Mononokes and anime fans in general,” “this is a respect piece that compiles numerous references to works that are important to me as an Artist and have shaped in many ways my view on creating visual content.” The short anime clip places viewers in a post-apocalyptic, fantasy world that centers around two pseudo-human main characters that share in an emotionally gripping relationship that involves a love story and epic fight scenes. With a message that is left up to the interpretation of its viewers, “Josho” proves to be a creative visual feat that furthers the intense feelings behind Skrillex’s “Ease My Mind”.