Tritonal and Cash Cash Make Untouchable History at Warfield Concert Hall



Tritonal and Cash Cash’s Untouchable Tour is off to a smashing start, with a sold out show this early in the game, how could it not be? They already have a handful of stops under their belts, and when we got the chance to catch their stop at San Fransisco’s historic Warfield Concert Hall, we couldn’t pass up the rare opportunity to catch these true masters at work.

The Warfield is situated fairly close to the heart of downtown San Fransisco. Having never been before, we were excited to check out a venue with as much history as this one does. With a wide array of seating options, anything from standing room general admission to tiered levels of seated areas, it offered a little bit of everything. We got placed in the general admission section where the there brights lights and loud music provided all the aesthetics we have come to expect from out of the star studded lineup the show boasted.

Party Favor stopped in for the opening support and got the evening started with a killer mix of aggressive bass heavy music. His set lasted just over an hour, which was the perfect amount of time to get the crowd warmed up.

The night soon progressed to where Cash Cash came out as the first headliner of the night, bringing out some big tunes and party-friendly beats. The guy are some of the most invigorating DJs you could ever have hit the decks; they were interacting with the crowd on an insane level. Cash Cash launched their career off of the back of one of the finest sing along tunes over the past years, so when they dropped “Take Me Home,” the energy in the venue connected and you were hard pressed to find a bigger group of people connecting and singing along. It was nonstop good times as these guys gradually built the crowd up for the second headlining act that, making this night one for the books.

When Chad and Dave took the stage, the started off with a bang and didn’t stop until the lights came on. Playing a long list of tracks that ranged from that classic Tritonal big-room sound to a bit of 808-heavy tunes and some more even grittier flavors, their wide range of tastes kept the crowd on their toes from start to finish. With a handful of sing along tracks in their arsenal, their classic songs like ‘Untouchable’ had the entire room singing along throughout some truly magical moments. So if this single stop has anything to say about the rest of the stops these guys are making, then it’s safe to say this tour is a must see for all upcoming locations.

Make sure to check here, and see when Tritonal+Cash Cash will be stopping in a city near you. Having already seen these guys a handful of times over the past two years, this tour truly shows these goes in perfect and throwing some of the bets parties I have been to.