Marshmello Calls Out Potential Stage-Rushers

On Friday night the ever mysterious Marshmello took to facebook asking that his fans not rush the stage at Global Dance Festival in Arizona. Rumors had surfaced claiming that festival attendees wanted to get on stage during the event, presumably to try and unmask him. The identity of the ‘Marhmello Project’ still hasn’t been revealed, yet, and just a day after announcing collaborations with both Bassnectar and DJ Snake, a new message was posted to the ‘Mellow facebook page.

The secret behind Marshmello isn’t a publicity gimmick. Fans might want to know who they/he is, but nobody stops to consider that maybe we’re better off not knowing. As illustrated on facebook, the purpose in anonymity is to promote unity, not to sell records. Tickets for the Global Dance Festival on November 20 can be found here.


So there have been numerous reports that a group of so called “fans” are planning on rushing the stage during my set at…

Posted by marshmello on Friday, October 9, 2015