Local Mayor Wants To Bring TomorrowWorld Back In 2016 Despite Ongoing Disputes

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock these past couple weeks, you know that TomorrowWorld 2015 was a borderline disaster. Severe rain turned the festival into a giant field of mud, eventually leading to the final day’s cancelation for non-campers. Some people were even left stranded on Saturday night after bus transportation was delayed. As a result of these hardships, many were left questioning the festival’s future. Disappointed attendees and frustrated locals are still furious about the conditions, but that hasn’t stopped Chattahoochee Hills’ Mayor Tom Reed from inviting the festival back in 2016.

In an interview with local news station 11 Alive, Reed discusses how the first step is determining why there were so many failures over the course of the weekend. The obvious answer would be to blame it on the rain, but it seems like Reed is suggesting that the TomorrowWorld organizers should have planned for the less than stellar conditions. Additionally, the Mayor feels a need to address the concerns of the city’s residents. One man talks about pets being hit and property being damaged over the course of the weekend. The video mentions that there were public meetings held prior to the festival, but residents say they were not notified. For next year, the city plans on ensuring that citizens are made aware of these meetings and that there are procedures put in place to avoid a repeat of TomorrowWorld 2015.