It has been a wet and difficult weekend at TomorrowWorld for thousands, despite the best efforts of the festival. We already told you that heavy downpours in the rural area created a slippery and muddy mess that forced the festival to move the entire parking area to a satellite location. Thousands of festival goers were shuttled in on buses, however the shuttles out were a different story entirely. Fans were stuck in lines outside the festival for hours waiting for shuttles with little information. The situation even got out of control at points, with attendees flipping golf carts and throwing things at staff.

As fans woke up on Sunday, news only got worse. TomorrowWorld has been forced to halt all transportation to Chattahoochee Hills, and close the festival to commuters. Saturday attendees can attest that what was once a magical mystery land had turned into a muddy disaster by the end of day 2. Only campers will be able to enjoy the festival today since they are already on the grounds, but their living conditions have been extremely rough as well. The festival has even halted shuttles for press, and rumors swirl that there might be problems for many artists who would be driving to the grounds. This is a gut punch for SFX who had a lot hinging on this festival, and it’s so unfortunate that the weather would not cooperate. The campers in Dreamville are about to have an intimate festival experience today, as the attendance will drop to only 40,000. Refund information for those affected will be coming soon.

Friends, Today – Sunday September 27 – Mother nature has decided otherwise… TomorrowWorld will only be accessible to…

Posted by TomorrowWorld on Sunday, September 27, 2015