ADE Attendees Can Carry 5 Ecstasy Pills Without Prosecution


Amsterdam always has unique, ahead-of-the-curve views on the use of drugs. This year, when Amsterdam Dance Event takes over, attendees will be legally allowed to carry 5 or less ecstasy pills.  Amsterdam Dance Event will be attended by over 300,000 dance music lovers and cover a plethora of genres.

Last ADE, it was reported that the ecstasy pills were at an all-time high in strength.  Naturally, it would be assumed that they would decide to ramp up security in an effort to stop the usage of the “super-dope”.  Instead, ADE is accepting that clubbers will take drugs. Hopefully, partiers that choose to take drugs will do so responsibly and seek help if they need it. Jellinik, a drug-testing and information center, will keep longer hours during this year’s ADE and is establishing pop-up stands throughout the city.

Source: Thump