Funny Or Die Trolls ‘We Are Your Friends’ In Hilarious New Video

 photo zacefronfriends_zps3jw1phzb.jpg

The dance music community has been ripping on We Are Your Friends ever since the film was announced. Even though we firmly believe our genre deserves a major motion picture, it’s pretty clear that this was not the right one. The box office results have reflected this, as the movie had one of the worst opening weekends… ever. It brought in an “awful” $1.8 million, giving it the 3rd worst wide-release opening of all-time. Now that We Are Your Friends is officially a failure, it’s time for the jokes to start pouring in. Unsurprisingly, Funny Or Die has stepped up to the plate to fire the initial shots at Zac Efron and friends.

We’ve already seen an awesome parody trailer from YouTuber ‘Joman’, but this video takes a more minimalistic approach. We don’t want to ruin the video for you, so check out Funny Or Die’s latest work of art below.