EDMTunes On Tour: Modestep Exceeds EDM Standards with ‘London Road’ Live Performances


Following up their sophomore album, London Road, which was released last spring, the band known as Modestep has launched their first coast-to-coast U.S. tour since 2012. The trip covers the country in less than 2 weeks, stopping in 6 states and Washington D.C. A week removed from Labor Day, and Modestep has already wrapped 4 of the tour’s 9 events.

We wanted to decide whether or not the tour lived up to the hype, so EDMTunes got exclusive access to look inside the lives of Josh, Tony, Kyle, and Pat on the road. After following along the first half of the London Road U.S. Tour, we’ve decided that Modestep’s return to America exceeds all expectation. The band brings a fresh sound, innovative live show, and enough raw intensity to fuel a 757.

“It’s something a bit unique in the dance scene at the moment- incorporating real instruments into electronic dance music. It’s heavy, intense, in your face as you’d expect.” -Tony

Modestep has five events left in America: 9/16 Columbus OH (tickets), 9/17 Chicago IL (tickets), 9/18 Los Angeles CA (tickets), 9/19 San Francisco CA (tickets), and 9/20 Seattle WA (tickets)


In today’s world of electronic dance music, touring can be as easy as traveling with a USB stick loaded with fresh new tunes. Touring with Modestep isn’t so simple. The bus plays home to not only the 4 members of the band, but also the driver, sound tech, equipment engineer, and tour manager. In addition, trying to fit comfortably into an event lineup surrounded by proper DJs also presents several surmountable challenges. For example: Modestep is allowed 15 minutes prior to their performance to setup their entire live rig, and 15 minutes afterwards to break it down.

“People who are used to coming to see DJ shows and haven’t seen a live band for a really long time because electronic music has consumed their lives, just open your mind and try it out. Come see what we’re about, experience the vibe and hopefully it will be something you can take away as a moment that you’ll remember forever. If you’re bored of coming to see electronic shows and staring at a guy standing behind a laptop this is the show for you.” -Josh

These guys aren’t going to just show up and play for you, they’re going to work their asses off to bring you the performance that you deserve. Don’t miss your opportunity to be a part of the London Road live tour.

“We’re trying to bring a culture. All the music that you listen to in this country has come from a certain place and a lot of people either don’t know or haven’t experienced what that place is. We’re trying to bring something over from the UK, where this music was born and cultured. We’re going to show people how it was suposed to performed and how it was intended to be digested. If you’ve always wondered where this music has come from, and what it’s origins are, and at the same time have the fucking time of your life, I think our show is for you.” -Josh


“The more people that like Modestep in America means we have more of an opportunity to come back here. If you like us, tell your friends, and hopefully we can come back”

“We come from a world of live bands a certain attitude towards a live show. We feel like there’s not a lot of shows that are shows anymore, they are just a collection of songs. We have the songs. If you want to come see a show and you want to remember everything about it.” -Josh

Modestep’s album, London Road, is available to buy in the Modestep Store. You can get more information on Modestep by liking them on facebook. Buy Modestep’s Rainbow EP now.