Disclosure & Sam Smith Perform Incredible Live Cover Of Drake’s “Hotline Bling”

Disclosure sophomore album is just days away from being released and to celebrate, the guys met up with frequent collaborator Sam Smith at BBC Radio 1. The trio recently made headlines due to the fact that Smith, with some help from Guy and Howard Lawrence will be performing the next James Bond theme song. Unfortunately, fans were not given a taste of the upcoming theme, but they were treated to the next best thing: a Drake cover.

Disclosure and Sam Smith begin the clip by performing their newest collab, “Omen”, before throwing a complete curveball and debuting their rendition of “Hotline Bling”. We’re definitely digging this live cover and hopefully, we can get the dream team in a recording studio so they can give us a proper version. Until then, we’ll have to ‘settle’ for Disclosure’s Caracalwhich you can pre-order here.

For “Omen”, skip to 2:15 and to catch “Hotline Bling”, head to the 8:55 mark.