Seth Troxler Fires Back At Dyro, Says EDM Is ‘Bad Music’

 photo dyseth_zpsargoja6x.jpg

Nowadays, the dance music community isn’t looking like much of a community, as artists are constantly fighting with one another. This week’s hot feud is Seth Troxler vs. Dyro, which is essentially a personified version of the classic underground vs. mainstream debate. Basically, over a year ago, Troxler ventured to the Tomorrowland main stage and called the music he was hearing “sonic ear rape”. Dyro was performing at the time and after a video of the incident reemerged, the Dutch producer, as well as other industry heavyweights such as Hardwell and Zedd, defended him and the music they believe in. For a more in-depth summary of the events, check out our previous article.

Troxler, who is never one to keep quiet, responded to Dyro via Twitter and didn’t hold back. Check out the series of tweets below and let us know what you think of this battle.