[Watch] Sick Individuals, Dannic & More Play Intimate Festival For 250 People

For those who do not have experience arranging an EDM show or festival, it is incredible at just how tough it can be. Even with dance music at its highest popularity worldwide, festival tickets surprisingly do not sell themselves. This week, Norwegian festival, Summer Fade, was an example of how much dedication must be put into mass advertising. The festival’s lineup featured big names such as Sick Individuals, Dannic, Matisse & Sadko, and John Dahlback over the span of 2 days.

Originally, the promoters envisioned attendance in the numbers of about 2000-3000, but were forced to adjust that expectation down to 1500 in the days leading up to the event. When day 1 finally arrived, the actual attendance numbers totalled a scarce 250 people. Shockingly, the show went on as planned and the attendees ended up getting a rare and intimate festival experience. Summer Fade continues today with Ottos Knows, CLMD, and Jay Hardway, and hopefully, more attendees. You can check it out for yourself in the video below. Bear with us, the video takes a few moments to load.

Source: HA