Helix 2.0

Robokid, AObeats & Manila Killa- Helix 2.0 (Ft. Blaise Railey)

The collaboration between AObeats and Manila Killa is a match made in heaven. These two pivotal members of the rapidly rising label Moving Castle have linked up many times in the past. They have written some captivating original tracks, such as ‘Perfect Strangers,’ ‘Waterside‘ and ‘Food Diaries.’ They also worked together along with Jai Wolf and Mark Johns on the star-studded, ‘Diamonds for Breakfast.’ As one half of Hotel Garuda, Manila Killa even helped AObeats remix Corona’s ‘Rhythm Of The Night.’ All five of these collaborations showed off these producers’ immense talent and seamless ability to fluidly cross genres and styles. As always, this was on display with their newest release, ‘Helix 2.0.’

‘Helix 2.0’ sees Manila Killa and AObeats joining forces with fellow Moving Castle member Robokid. The track begins with the producer trio slowly progressing an immersive, dream-like soundscape. Blaise Railey’s catchy vocals soundtrack this slow rise, which climaxes with a deep futuristic trap drop set to growling bass. ‘Helix 2.0’ is a worthy sequel to the original, which was made by Robokid earlier this year. While no official release date was announced yet, be sure to keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the track below!