Cazzette – Together (Lost Kings Remix)

Cazzette has gone through a number of stylistic changes over the course of their career, and we’re hoping they stick with what they’re running with now. The duo churns out modern future bass tracks like a machine, and the amount of groovitude implemented is nothing short of spectacular. Their latest release, “Together (Til Morning) feat. Newtimers,” is a funky bubbly-bass driven with serene undertones and a beautiful piano chord progression, but it’s been turned up a notch by none other than the Lost Kings.

“We were sent “Together” a while before it came out and as soon as we heard it we knew we wanted to remix it. After consistently bugging our manager to get us the stems, we finally got them a few months later. This was one track that we knew we would have a lot of fun remixing. There was a lot of experimenting with this remix like pitching already pitched vocals but we loved the way it came out. There are 2 versions of this remix, the extended has a longer first verse so make sure to cop that when it comes out.” – Lost Kings

It turns out a few simple adjustments, like playing with the pitch, tweaking the piano progression, and throwing in a little bit more progressive pep to its step was more than enough to make this an even bigger dance floor burner.