Lancelot – Mover

The Australian producer known as Lancelot has been at the top of the house music game for a while now. Creating a unique sound that is tight, organic, and impactful, it is hard to deny that any of his tunes will get your body moving. His latest release is titled ‘Mover’, and it has everything you need out of a classic house tune.

Crafting a beautiful tune around some of the cleanest set kits I’ve heard, the low lying bass line acts as a compliment to the percussive elements that slowly build in complexity over the course of the tracks. Without too many melodic elements throughout the track, it leaves a lot of the focus right into the hard hitting drums and infectious groove of the bass line. The tracks well timed breaks prove that Lancelot is a dance floor guru, as it gives just enough time to rest those legs and catch your breath before the energy is kicked back up in full force. So check out the tune below, and let us know what you think of the rocking house release.