DirtyBird BBQ 2015 Grill$on's Revenge Artwork

The year’s first DirtyBird BBQ is a couple of days away (Independence Day in Portland), but most of us will have to wait until at least August before we get our Claude VonStroke (CVS), Justin Martin, and J.Phlip all-under-the-same-roof fix. For those of you eager to get a head start, though, CVS has put up a new mixtape at SoundCloud featuring some of the lesser known DirtyBird artists, titled ‘Grill$on’s Revenge.’ With a focus on the goofy and experimental, the preview is a bass-heavy mix featuring Lux Groove, Sage Armstrong, Will Clarke, and more. Give it a listen below, but first read CVS’ intro:

“The DIRTYBIRD BBQs have become something I look forward to almost more than anything else we do at the label. The special daytime sets allow for more risk taking and more bass music to sneak into the house music that usually gets played at night. I’m really looking forward to Gril$on cooking me a burger this summer and rocking out with the fans. Check out these great tracks that range all the way from really funny to serious ass shakers.”

The full release of Grill$on’s Revenge is due out July 24th.