[Exclusive] Ernesto Mendoza & Angel One – Be The Same (Original Mix)

Be The Same

We’re bringing in something a lil’ funky fresh for your weekday music needs. Something with some groovitude. Some true classic classy house to help you dance your way on into the weekend. The record in question is “Be the Same,” and it’s the product of Ernesto Mendoza & Angel One, two budding producers with an ear for smooth beats. The duo’s track comes to us from a label known as Cherry Drop Records, definitely not a typical player in our sights, but a fine one nonetheless. If you take a moment to break this track down and really dissect what’s going on under the hood, you’ll find a standard bumping bassline, some pitched altered vocals, a beautifully clean piano progression, and peppy synths to carry things along. This is four-on-the-floor at its finest, a classic formula that’s successful for a reason. Somebody get this baby in the hands of Erick Morillo or Amtrac, because they could sweep a dance floor with it. We’ve got the exclusive on it until it’s release in NYC To Miami V2 on August 4th, so until then you can stream it here – and only here. Enjoy!