deadmau5 Creates Unique Track After Fan Calls Him Out On Twitter

As usual, deadmau5 has gone to Twitter to express particular displeasure with one thing or another. This time, the point of complaint here is the 128 bpm 4/4 time signature basic progressive or electro track that has taken over dance music in the last 5 years.

Well, as the internet should know by now, if you challenge the mau5, be careful how you choose your words. You might (probaly will) end up eating them. A fan going by Jez Biggs (@clebmurderparty is his Twitter handle) challenged Joel with a request: “7/8 3/4 13/16 alternating bar groove. Must be listenable.”

In the pure spirit of things, of course deadmau5 accepted. Since when have we seen him back down from a challenge? *Crickets* I didn’t so.

Below is the finished result. Not a bad piece of art for a two-hour turn-around job. Maybe this will get some polishing and released as part of the “I told ya so” attitude Joel prides himself on.