Deadmau5 Uncovers Twitter Talent Yet Again, Collab with Grabbitz Coming Soon


It appears that Joel is quite fond of utilizing Twitter to find new artists to collaborate with. Back in 2011, after being enchanted with Chris James’ vocals deadmau5 found on Twitter, he included Chris as a featured artists on his album. Chris eventually was featured on the track ‘The Veldt‘.


Fast forward to a couple days ago and deadmau5 is still using Twitter for collaborative inspiration. Grabbitz, a dance music newcomer with only 16,000 followers on SoundCloud, made a vocal edit of deadmau5’s ‘Silent Picture’, which caught deadmau5’s attention. He started discussing collaboration on Twitter.  

Could Grabbitz be featured on deadmau5’s new album? Only time will tell, but it would be a huge break for Grabbitz. One thing is for sure, social media has great potential in connecting creative minds.