Chuckie To Headline Unique Tech Event In San Francisco

 photo unnamed_zpsntzh9h75.png

Celebrating the bright future of dance music, the king of “Dirty Dutch”, Chuckie, is set to perform two shows tonight, a special invite only event and a gig at the legendary Ruby Skye in San Francisco. The show in question right now though, is the exclusive show put on by one of the valley’s burgeoning startups. Presented by tech startup ‘Meadow‘, the show will go from 8 p.m. – 12 a.m. tomorrow night, and host some of the top Silicon Valley magnates including the CEOs of Twitch, Reddit, Google, and YouTube, among many others.

Although an exclusive event, and Earmilk will all officially live stream the tech-show in its entirety, as will other top media outlets. As electronic dance music showcases its potential in the hotbed of tech, this unique opportunity will further help push the dance music industry to new heights and uncover untapped potential.

Don’t miss this historic event and catch the Twitch live stream below: