Netsky – Rio

While Netsky sets the standard for live electronic performances, their original productions maintain the perfect blend of live percussion and electronically produced elements. Performing at many of the top festivals like Ultra and LED, they have a keen sense of how to breathe life into the crowd with their incredibly energetic beats and analog synthesized melodies. You would definitely want to catch their next big performance at the Wireless Festival 2015 in London to see what drum and bass is truly all about.

For this one, a warm chord progression introduces the track with with some solid realistic clap percussion while a white noise effect transitions to a supremely distorted drum beat. The vacation-style vocals are a perfect fit for the track with an excellently crafted set of lead horns driving your ears into summer bliss. Bright dance pianos and a drum n’ bass beat keep the energy high while an interesting noise/hi hat effect adds the final sparkle to the track. Definitely keep an eye out for its release on the 5th of July.