Indian Summer

Jai Wolf – Indian Summer

American born producers have been on the rise over the last year, and Jai Wolf is making his name known as an American force to be reckoned with. Joining the Foreign Family Collective which is described as “an outlet for musicians and visual artists alike,” for his latest release ‘Indian Summer,’ Jai Wolf continues to build his portfolio.

Beginning with a majestic ringing chord and a repeated female vocal note, the drums kick in to create a symphonic work of art. Hailing from the same city and working in the same style as vibe-master Prince Fox, Jai Wolf is making it clear that he deserves the same kind of recognition with the release of ‘Indian Summer.’ If you happen to find yourself at HARD Summer Music Festival in Pomona, California later this summer, you might want to consider putting Wolf on your list of acts to check out. Give ‘Indian Summer’ a listen below, and pick up your copy on iTunes.