Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas: Behind The Scenes [Video]

It’s June, which means the electric sky is about to light up over the Las Vegas Motor Speedway when Electric Daisy Carnival comes to town. As the hype builds for Insomniac‘s flagship event, THUMP produced a fascinating behind the scenes video which shows the kinds of preparations that are currently underway. In the video, you can see all of the monumental effort that goes into producing one of the world’s largest festivals.

The video takes you to the Insomniac warehouse where stage pieces are being collected and shipped to bring the renowned cathedral stage to EDC New York. The production elements for Vegas are planned for a year and then the entire festival is installed in about 2 or 3 weeks before being deconstructed immediately afterward. They even design DJ platforms with jumping in mind, because we know these artists can’t stand in one place. No detail is overlooked and you can be sure the team is grinding away right now to wow fans once again. Check out the video below and prepare to unite under the electric sky later this month.