[WATCH] Funny Or Die Sends Old People To Bonnaroo

 photo bonnaroo_zpsqw3gsmct.jpg

Emmy Award-winning website Funny Or Die has made its fair share of fun towards the electronic music scene in the past with its hilarious NCIS: IBIZA skit and LOL-filled Daft Punk Parody. Now, Funny Or Die is back with something that might make current festival-goers cringe. The comedy video powerhouse brought four 70+ year olds to Tennessee’s famous four-day music festival, Bonnaroo.

The seniors had never been to a music festival before, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying every minute of it. They got to hang out in the green room backstage with the Mumford & Sons and Bleachers just to name a few. They got to experience their first ever ‘Silent-Disco’ and jammed out to hip-hop superstar Kendrick Lamar. They were even lucky enough to get on stage with indie band Guster and were subsequently drowned with applause. There’s one important thing that many of those festival-goers wanted to inform the seniors when they were lucky to meet them and that was to “drink a lot of water”.

This video is filled with hysterically funny moments from beginning to end. I wouldn’t want to ruin the clip by saying everything that happens but take a look for yourself below.