Dillon Francis Fulfills ‘Awesome Shit’ Bar Mitzvah, Donates Proceeds to Charity

Francis Mitzvah
Dillon Francis’ most recent gig was at a Bar Mitzvah. Do a double-take and let’s move on. If you have not heard about Dillon Francis’s ‘Awesome Shit’ tab on his webstore, you’ll want to click that link and take a look. One of the items available for purchase for a measly $15,000 is to have him DJ your Bar Mitzvah. One lucky Jewish boy was fortunate enough to have his parents grant him this wish at his Mitzvah celebration, and Francis came through.

Dillon tweeted that he was scheduled to play a Bar Mitzvah later in the evening, prompting questions (from those uninformed of his webstore offering) as to why he was playing a 13-year-old’s party.



We assume it’s pretty rare for Francis to receive an order from his ‘Awesome Shit’ section, so he also made it clear to his fans that he does it all for the greater good, donating all proceeds from those expensive purchases to charity.


In October of last year, L.A. Weekly made a $5,000 purchase to have Francis build an Ikea bed while doing an interview, which resulted in a rather funny video piece. If you check back into the store, “Dillon Francis Will DJ Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah” is no longer available, so it appears that was a one time offering. The one and only recipient of Francis’ Bar Mitzvah DJing services appears to go by the Instagram name @williamsupreme, and he posted a picture of himself with the DJ thanking him for his performance, which you can see below, along with a few screenshots of the night from Francis’s snapchat. Good for Francis for coming through on the purchase, and hopefully we get to see some more of these purchases of ‘Awesome Shit’ in the near the future, all for a great cause.


Great night. Thanks to @dillonfrancis for the amazing performance. A photo posted by williamsupreme (@williamsupreme) on


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