[WATCH] Oliver Heldens Recaps his First Ultra Experience

Oliver Heldens
While the wait for the Ultra Aftermovie often feels like an eternity, Ultra is hoping to occupy that time with smaller recap videos, coming in at a regular pace. They recently uploaded a video recapping the experience of Oliver Heldens, who played the festival for the first time this year. It’s interesting to shine a light on young Oliver, who was mostly an unknown name only a year prior and went through a meteoric rise to debut on Ultra’s Mainstage in March.

The video features a quick interview with Oliver as well as some clips of his set. Those who were there might also remember that for a good portion of his set there was a torrential downpour, and at times 2 people had to hold a tarp over the DJ equipment. The video includes some of this as well as the moment when Oliver came down from the decks and shuffled in the rain with the crowd. It was surely a memorable set for Ultra attendees and for Oliver himself. Check out the video below and get ready for Ultra tickets to go back on sale again soon.