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Fast Company, a leading tech publication, recently sat down with cake-hurling DJ, Steve Aoki, to divulge in his upcoming album, the inception of his cake throwing act and his non-music endeavors.

With its release date slated for today, Neon Future II was finished in conjunction with Steve Aoki’s Neon Future I, acting as the second installment of the album. The difference between the two albums is, “Future I is more like a party, (and) Future II I have a lot more darker, more deeper emotional records”, Aoki says. The album’s name dates back to Aoki’s interest in futurism as a youngster, a theme we commonly see in his sets.

The interview then segues into a unique angle, showing that the well-known DJ knows more than just party music. Soon to be launching an exclusive clothing line in Japan called, Dim Mak Collections, Steve Aoki has already declined offers to expand his new brand to Los Angeles and New York. In search of his next challenge, the Dim Mak frontiersman says “breaking radio but keeping the Aoki spirit” is next on his list.

Be sure to check out the full interview below, as the interviewer is naturally caked by the end of the clip.